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These traits separate the successful students from the not-so-successful ones.

It turns out it isn't hard to reduce the number of kids who are far from being able to read proficiently by a quarter.

A major federal investment in poor children shows signs of paying off years later.

These researchers discovered starting the school day in the afternoon could radically change who does well in school.

A 90-minute discussion of philosophy, politics and economics, with one of America's most famous conservative donors.

One chart pretty much sums it up.

Inside the billionaire's $200 million quest to create a 'Republic of Science' in economic research.

If you're thinking about getting a vocational certificate, you'll want to take a look at the data.

A new paper suggests a big reason to worry about the gap between the poor and the middle class.

Still think we live in a meritocracy? Look at this chart.

America's schools are getting more segregated, and the consequences are disturbing.

The effort will make it easier for poor children to get free lunches at school.

Academia is changing, and not necessarily for the better.

What spoiled college kids should actually be worrying about.

A startling political message in a popular children's book

Two-fifths of American billionaires claim an elite college on their resumes. Ten percent went to Harvard.

Trying to solve the inequality of words.

Typically, students are ordered into a passive position: butt sticking out, hands on the desk or wall.

But universities push back against paying more for work study jobs, which are subsidized by the federal government.

Incredibly, the change is the most pronounced in the children who need it the most.

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