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The average cost of commonly used dermatology drugs has quintupled over six years.

Speeding up the drug approval process could put ineffective and harmful drugs on the market.

The deal will create the world's largest drugmaker

The case for coffee.

The case against coffee.

A U.S. panel said coffee can be part of a healthy diet. That might be true only for half of us.

President Obama talks drug prices and a major trade deal

In 2013, the average retail price of a specialty drug was $53,384

American moms are twice as likely as women in some other rich nations to die in childbirth.

Trump repeatedly said Ben Carson had "pathological disease" in a 95-minute rant.

Clinical trials showing how drugs worked aren't always publicly available

These are the foods that overweight kids eat.

Physicians who spend more medical resources on patients get sued less, a study finds.

Scientists have discovered whether a common cold medicine works or not.

Researchers have alarming new evidence that the poor lives shorter lives than the rich.

Many public health agencies warn that processed meats like bacon and hot dogs can elevate your cancer risk. But a study shows that the dangers from processed meat may depend on genetics.

Is Theranos doing something novel?

Prominent associations and lawmakers worry that the most vulnerability will suffer from the industry consolidation.

Inspectors found 14 'objectionable conditions'

Men get better at a lot of things with age. Making babies isn't one of them.

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