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The White House budget is expected to fall hard on the rural and small town communities that Trump won.

Another misstep on race?

Maybe it wasn't subprime mortgages after all

It was a theme during his confirmation hearing. But research shows it's wrong.

It's as though Clinton supporters and Trump voters are living in different economies.

Donald Trump's pick for head of Housing and Urban Development has called federal attempts to desegregate neighborhoods “social engineering."

Comprehensive new data reveals the communities where Trump is popular in startling detail.

New data reveals the real effect of growing up in public housing.

Recently published documents suggest Trump might have avoided federal income taxes for 18 years.

The architectural allure and bad economics of "holdout" houses.

What 60 years of housing growth reveal about the future.

The company rolls out a new nondiscrimination policy, as well as more training for hosts and new tweaks to the site.

Why it’s so hard to find an affordable rental in expensive cities.

The moral dilemma and racial politics of a housing lottery.

Someone finally starts talking about housing in the presidential election.

Segregated cities are easily conducive to biased policing.

Often, the people most affected by new housing have no say over it.

Even a modest idea for new housing — let homeowners build it in their own back yards — has run into resistance.

It's an important warning for people who have rich neighbors.

It's the only real thing we can do to make sure there's enough decent housing for the poor.

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