Nationally, one would have to earn $17.90 an hour to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30 percent of income on housing, a common budgeting standard. Or $22.10 an hour for a two-bedroom rental.

HUD announced that it is withdrawing a computer assessment tool that provides communities with demographic data and maps to help them gauge neighborhood segregation.

Ben Carson's proposal would put nearly 1 million children at risk of homelessness, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said.

The proposal legislation, which would require congressional approval, would increase the amount some of the lowest-income households are expected to pay for rent by three times, according to the administration’s proposal obtained by The Washington Post.

These government maps documented racist lending practices that gave rise to today’s segregated neighborhoods.

The sweeping bill rolls back banking rules passed after the 2008 financial crisis.

Bill would weaken the government’s ability to enforce fair lending requirements, making it harder to root out predatory lenders.

Fifty years after the historic Kerner Commission identified “white racism” as a cause of black economic inequality, little has changed.

Trump's budget proposal would cut billions from the social safety net while paving the way for broad work requirements for families receiving housing vouchers.

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