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There's a big overlap on two hot issues in the GOP primary, and Donald Trump sits in the middle.

They are trying to restrict immigrants who are in a category that is only tangentially related to the attacks in Paris.

The question is how far governors will go to keep out people.

"Gunmen were heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar,' but I did the same tonight, in my room, praying for those killed & their families."

Here's what you need to know about a court's ruling on Obama's plan to hold off on deporting some undocumented immigrants.

America's diversity captured in photos of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

Four great misconceptions about immigrants, debunked.

Asians are projected to become the United States’ largest immigrant group by 2065.

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed joins a distinguished list of misunderstood nerds and minorities

A look at where in the United States refugees end up

Refugees can be an investment, rather than a burden

Trump became the first major presidential contender to propose ending birthright citizenship, but his proposal would have unintended consequences.

That's the unexpected conclusion of research and surveys on Mexican migrants living on both sides of the border.

The brain drain from Greece is on.

Jeb Bush said that the next president will pass immigration reform, but Congress might be stuck on the issue for a while.

If Hillary Clinton wins, her could be defined by executive actions

A counselor who grew up speaking a survivor’s language may better understand the racial factors that intensify anguish.

The governor used to support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Now, he thinks even legal immigration should be limited.

As in the United States, preventing illegal immigration has come before protecting human life.

The senator's failure to unite his party on immigration reveals the depth of the Republican Party's divisions.

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