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Trump’s border wall is a solution to a problem that is already gone, a new paper says.

One risk of the travel ban: barring immigrants who save American lives that nobody else will.

Trump claimed that immigrants can't support themselves and that they're costing taxpayers money as a result.

Economies in border cities such as El Paso and Ciudad Juarez are intertwined.

Millions of Americans could go hungry if the president Trump signs executive order that restricts the welfare benefits for immigrants, experts in immigration law say.

He wants to deport immigrant welfare users, but his numbers don't add up.

Federal data show that sanctuary cities are both safer and more prosperous than other areas.

Trump wants to pay for a border wall with a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico. These communities could be affected the most.

Surprisingly, the truth works sometimes.

War and immigration predict U.S. cuisine -- which means kebabs could be the next hamburgers.

A Department of Homeland Security advisory panel says that U.S. immigration authorities should maintain their reliance on private detention facilities, particularly as a way to “respond to surges in migration flows,” according to a draft of the panel’s recommendations provided to The Post.

How Asians went from hated minority to useful prop

Researchers have debunked a long-running theory for why Asian Americans have done so well.

Despite his heated rhetoric, Donald Trump's approach might not be that different from President Obama's.

Trump has said he wants to deport 3 million undocumented immigrants. Here's what that might mean.

Trump has promised to reduce immigration, but one of his policies could have the opposite effect.

The election of Donald Trump has quickly revived the fortunes of one of America’s most controversial industries.

The results from the polls are not what you'd expect, but the voters have spoken.

Donald Trump will now face his moment of truth about mass deportations and the wall.

"We are a nation that is seriously troubled. We're losing our jobs. People are pouring into our country."

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