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Democrats began losing the support of white voters after World War II, particularly in the South.

There's a big overlap on two hot issues in the GOP primary, and Donald Trump sits in the middle.

He insists he saw "thousands and thousands of people" in New Jersey celebrating the terrorist attacks.

It's a pretty shocking fact about inequality.

Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist. This quiz will reveal if you are, too.

This could be the most important moment of Bernie Sanders' campaign so far.

During Geography Awareness Week, no less

The trend has been intensifying.

Sometimes, a terrorist attack is a boon to far-right extremists. But it might not be in the case of France.

Trump repeatedly said Ben Carson had "pathological disease" in a 95-minute rant.

Clinton and Sanders seem are split on whether it's okay to tax workers a little more in hopes of helping them a lot.

They want to set the record straight.

Whether or not they turn out to vote, the Fight for $15 has moved the frame.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are getting way too much airtime.

Bettors say he has better odds of winning than several candidates who will be on stage.

How a tech startup builds a political bloc.

It used to be that all politics was local. That was how Democrats could kept winning in Kentucky -- until Tuesday.

Airbnb wins and a bad development moratorium loses. But neither touched on the city's real problems.

Finally, some clarity.

It's bad news for those who want to legalize pot.

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