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Twenty years after President Clinton signed the far-reaching reform, new research points to a serious flaw.

A major federal investment in poor children shows signs of paying off years later.

Twenty years after Clinton signed the controversial welfare reform bill, it's legacy endures.

Trump has a new idea about how to help families pay for child care.

It depends on how you define "poverty."

The federal government has done quite a bit of research on this.

A crowdsourced historical perspective.

Doing things is hard.

It's the biggest lie that American parents tell.

The world's biggest beer company produced an ad that has a deep problem at its core.

The unexpected threat came in a fiery letter to the Obama administration.

Big Soda's is about to suffer one of its biggest defeats ever, and it could set the stage for more expensive soda in lots of other places.

Researchers have figured out the true impact of moving -- and it's pretty bad.

A close look at his new agenda on poverty shows crucial details are lacking.

This isn't about what you have -- it's about what you want

The North Carolina lawsuit has a long road ahead of it. But it has the makings of a milestone case. If it ever reaches the Supreme Court, it will force the justices to tackle an issue that they have repeatedly hemmed and hawed over.

For all of you who think you're more likely to see a UFO than a Social Security check: Nope, you're wrong.

As first lady, Hillary Clinton supported the law.

There’s a powerful reason poor people eat so differently from rich people.

The effort will make it easier for poor children to get free lunches at school.

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