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Support for gun rights runs deep in the timber town where students were killed on Thursday.

How peaceful protesters deal with aggressive signage.

An effort to keep "Austin weird."

American oil producers, Saudi Arabian dominance and now Iran make for a complex global energy landscape.

The brain drain from Greece is on.

How a 4-year-old from the Bronx became part of an iconic photo showing hope and resilience after the shootings

Why criminals need jobs

What happens to vulnerable young adults who receive personally tailored support?

Hint: It has to do with a union.

Baltimore is not Ferguson. And these riots are primarily not about race.

Pregnant workers often fear employers will start viewing them as distracted or less competent. So they sometimes overcompensate.

The Service Contract Act is obscure, and the Department of Labor has to police every complaint, so sometimes it's just overlooked.

Snus is less dangerous than smoking, he and other scientists say. But the idea behind "harm reduction" is controversial.

A reporter reflects on what happens when the subject of his story loses her job.

A class action lawsuit alleges that au pair agencies failed to obey state minimum wage laws, keeping their pay at $4.35 an hour.

A minimum wage hike bought her grandson diapers, but left her in poverty

First Jay Leno backed out. Then old comments on assault rifles came back to haunt comedian Bill Engvall.

One in three American kids live in poverty, according to UNICEF.

What we can learn from the counties that have seen the biggest drop in inequality.

At the Uber for homecleaning, workers are making higher pay. But they're not getting the perks and protections of more traditional jobs.

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