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The Washington Post

Donald Trump might want to think about this the next time he promises to defeat China and Mexico on trade.

Polls suggest Trump's supporters have not been especially harmed by international trade. So what is he really talking about?

One of his proposals would mean a lot more business for factories in foreign countries.

New data illustrate the geographical divisions in the Republican Party.

Trump called the decision to build a new plant in Mexico "an absolute disgrace."

The state legislature is researching whether to adopt a new time zone for extra evening daylight.

Donald Trump talked about what the deal would mean for American cars in his speech there Monday.

A new study suggests Americans will support trade, but only as long as it benefits the United States.

In Philadelphia on Monday, delegates chanted "No TPP!" and brandished signs declaring their opposition. They were frustrated that the party's official platform did not explicitly reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- a reflection of the fierce disagreement among Democrats about the deal's merits.

Economists are just beginning to appreciate the ways trade has changed American society.

Many of those standing behind Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump think free trade has been a catastrophe. Do other Americans agree?

With anti-trade rhetoric rising on both sides, prospects for the Trans Pacific Partnership seem increasingly remote.

While advocacy groups acknowledged some improvements from previous drafts, they're still worried that even the best provisions won't be enforced.

The U.S. has pushed to change something important about Japan's post offices.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has lots of wonderful commitments, but nobody's obligated to make sure parties respect them.

Party nations will be free to regulate cigarettes, which public health advocates had worried the trade deal would make more difficult.

Manufacturing jobs are coming back to America, from an unlikely source.

Where the olive oil flows like water, but no one is making money off it

CVS became the first major drug store to remove cigarettes and tobacco products from all of its stores last year.

A 1920 law calls the Jones Act is making the island's economic problems worse.

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