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The big question is whether the speaker of the House is ready to make some compromises.

Here's a closer look at who would really be paying.

Business class killed the luxury seats: Airline passengers don’t want to pay full price for first-class tickets.

Harsher driving laws really do save lives.

The racial history of highways — and the power of blocking them.

You could never imagine this happening in the United States.

There's an easy fix, but naturally nobody wants to pay for it.

It's something to think about next you time you easily find a parking spot.

A big hypothetical becomes a reality, if only for a day.

Data shows that in several cities, the ride-hailing app makes drivers more efficient.

This is your brain on public transit.

The American commute is getting longer.

Americans drove a record number of miles last year.

You do not really need to buy your lunch at a drive-through.

Washington, don't let anyone tell you you're acting ridiculous right now.

It's more dangerous to walk in the places where people walk most.

Why more parking isn't a good thing.

In Chicago and Portland, cycling infrastructure 'mirrors' gentrification.

When racist towns used to lynch people, these guides helped keep black travelers safe

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