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You do not really need to buy your lunch at a drive-through.

Washington, don't let anyone tell you you're acting ridiculous right now.

It's more dangerous to walk in the places where people walk most.

Why more parking isn't a good thing.

In Chicago and Portland, cycling infrastructure 'mirrors' gentrification.

When racist towns used to lynch people, these guides helped keep black travelers safe

One way Uber may be helping you, even if you don’t use it.

It's going to be crowded.

Courtesy of the 1880s.

How transportation racially divides us, according to a new federal complaint in Baltimore.

Metro stops are becoming signs of race and class division.

Trump took CNN's debate on national security in an unexpected direction.

With the rise of e-commerce, package delivery companies have turned to rental vehicles for help.

Fantastical, practical, beautiful designs from the frontier of subway maps.

Getting in a car used to be far more dangerous than it is today.

Wage stagnation? Transportation deserts? Labor force participation? There's an app for that, says Uber-booster David Plouffe.

New York ponders "retirement" for the ubiquitous screens.

The roads are safer in America if you’re well-off.

He can come back any time.

Drivers in many states have to sit through emissions tests, but there's little evidence the tests make for cleaner air.

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