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As the Lima climate conference opens, some new data on a very progressive group of climate voters here at home -- Hispanic and Latino Americans.

90 percent of the world's African's lions are gone.

Losing Arctic ice means losing polar bears.

No, extreme weather does not make Republicans believe in global warming.

Leaving your thermostat set too high can push up your power bill, but setting it back when you're away or asleep can lead to major savings.

Staggering amounts of solar radiation strike the Earth each day; the only trick is capturing more of it.

You won't believe how many people get a simple trick question about energy use wrong.

You might be really cold right now, but the planet isn't.

The polls are clear: Younger Republicans support action on climate change

The perils of "special legislation."

How funding for poor countries became the latest partisan issue in the climate debate.

A new study finds that on environmental issues, there’s plenty of righteousness to go around.

Can Congress take power away from the State Department -- and states like Nebraska?

And lightning causes wildfires.

To untangle the roles of politics and religion, let's turn to the data.

A new study finds that Republicans' "solution aversion" feeds back into their views of factual reality.

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are signing fixed, long term wind energy contracts to power their data centers.

A new study suggests there could be 200 percent more grass pollen if CO2 levels continue rising significantly.

Why the latest report cut a section on just how close we are to "dangerous" climate change.

The average meat-eater in the U.S. is responsible for almost twice as much global warming as the average vegetarian.

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