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Patient advocates say health insurers aren't living up to a key Obamacare promise.

One reason why subsidies may be in jeopardy if the highest court gets a say.

President Obama said it would be, but polling shows it’s still just as hard as ever.

Amid fears that doctors wouldn't take the newly insured, new surveys suggest that hasn't been the case.

The federal government wants to make things easier for navigators, but the path forward is murky.

It contradicts previous surveys that found most exchange enrollees already had coverage.

Still, it's really tough to make comparisons between the individual market before and after Obamacare.

The least competitive exchanges are growing next year.

A new hepatitis C treatment is drawing attention to the high cost of specialty drugs.

New research explains how the drug moved out of the inner city.

A health economist warns of trouble ahead as the law takes fuller effect.

Maybe doctors aren’t being swamped with new Obamacare enrollees, after all.

Enrollment is going pretty well in these states.

Some states are ditching their enrollment systems, but they want to keep control of their marketplaces.

Don't blame Obamacare just yet.

Insurers' cautious approach this year meant higher premiums, according to a new analysis.

Exchange directors see potential challenges for attracting new customers — and keeping the current ones.

Health-care costs are weighing heavily on people without insurance.

With limited 2014 data, pricing 2015 health plans is going to be a challenge.

The rate has dropped to the lowest point in six years.

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