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Some states running their own health insurance exchanges are weighing an extension of the Obamacare enrollment period because of faulty technology.

Verizon Terremark will continue working on Healthcare.gov, even though the Obama administration hired a replacement.

For weeks, the vulnerability allowed attackers to grab unencrypted user information like e-mail addresses.

A new ranking looks at the federal websites that are doing something right

People had lots to say about the route not taken for Healthcare.gov.

They both tell us a lot about what goes wrong when the government buys stuff.

High-profile failures by contractors running huge projects led the Department of Defense to stop letting them do it.

Section 8 contracts are just another of CGI's many sources of revenue. But they need to be tended.

It's hard to categorize what, exactly, a government contract is paying for.

The Obama administration is adding more people to Obamacare's flagship Web site. That might be a mistake.

  • Timothy B. Lee
  • ·
  • Oct 22, 2013
  • ·

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