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Scientists have been drugging spiders for decades to see what happens to their webs.

The Washington Post bike lane quiz!

Mapping the geography of American religion.

FAA's official airport diagrams show that runway and terminal layouts come in every shape and size. Can you identify 10 of them?

I map the food, you tell me what it is.

The stylized geography of urban transit.

Name That Data, city streets edition.

The usual Friday afternoon shenanigans.

Soothing data for a terrible week.

The Internet's finest redacted charts and maps.

More multiple-choice madness.

Let's change things up a bit

NBA jams.

A special guest host this week.

A story of data redemption.

The 13th challenge awaits.


You're not going to get this one.

Answers revealed.

Is this difficult enough for you?

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