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Analysts expect that 230,000 jobs were created in April

A 2013 National Academies report has become a hot topic in the dispute over whether the CDC should resume its controversial firearms research.

The strength in hiring this year has been one of the clearest indications that the country is finally escaping the long shadow of the Great Recession.

The administration floats a pilot program that would grant Honduran children refugee status.

President Obama has made a $10.10 minimum wage the centerpiece of his economic agenda. But that wasn't the case early last year.

Obama’s newly-released 2015 budget might set a new standard for budgetary Pollyannaism.

President Obama on Tuesday unveiled an ambitious budget that promised more than $600 billion in fresh spending to boost economic growth while also pledging to solve the nation’s borrowing problem by raising taxes on the wealthy, passing an overhaul of immigration laws and cutting health costs without compromising the quality of care.

Obama and Ryan use strikingly similar language to describe the nation's economic challenges. But their policy prescriptions are vastly different, and aimed primarily at providing their parties with an economic vision heading into the midterm congressional elections.

President Obama today is unveiling a new initiative, called "A Brother's Keeper," that launches a new administration focus on young men of color. A Q&A with a former adviser.

Liberals think they killed Obama's proposal to trim Social Security benefits in the future. Actually, Republicans did.

A Pew poll shows the deficit is not among the top five policy concerns for the first time in Obama's tenure.

In trying to rebuild discretionary spending, the plan is a reminder that the president is falling short on his domestic priorities.

The release of a new report on Obama's efforts to revive economic growth offers a visual guide to his economic policies.

Nothing defines Obama as much as the fight against poverty. But you might not know it.

A bit early for all the doomsaying.

  • Ezra Klein
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  • Dec 10, 2013
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Read it in full.

  • Ezra Klein
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  • Dec 4, 2013
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The two core projects of Obama's second term are in tatters.

  • Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas
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  • Nov 14, 2013
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Veterans of the effort to pass Clinton's health-care plan believed their core mistake was producing a plan that upended the insurance arrangements of almost every American.

  • Ezra Klein
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  • Nov 12, 2013
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Many of the districts in favor of the shutdown also have higher unemployment.

Where's Obama? Not in this photo of the most important world leaders gathered in Indonesia.

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