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Remembrances of historical events mostly affect people who don't already recognize them as very important.

When pro-Obama campaigners approached thousands of would-be voters in Wisconsin in 2008, the effort has surprising results--in helping John McCain.

The 'new media' is more traditional than you think,

On its own, new rhetoric isn’t likely to move public opinion.

One of every four black men under age 35 said that the police have treated them unfairly during the last 30 days.

The media’s interest in policy debates generally lasts only as long as politicians are willing to spar in front of the cameras.

What the political science research shows about how the emergence of Fox News affected Republican vote totals.

The Supreme Court says times have changed and a key provision of the Voting Rights Act is no longer valid. Here's what political science teaches us.

Like other emerging political science research, we show that voters don’t hold women and men to different standards on the campaign trail -- even when it comes to looks.

  • Danny Hayes and Jennifer L. Lawless
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  • Jun 23, 2013
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Here's what political science research tells us about the reasons Latinos shifted toward Obama in the 2012 election.

New research shows that if you live downwind of a state line, you might be getting more than your usual dose of air pollution.

Republicans go for traditional names with hard consonants. Liberals like more unique names with softer sounds.

When tornados or others natural disasters strike, how do voters react, and what do those reactions tell us about voting?

In our analysis of network news coverage, foreigners were the sources of 34% of all anti-Iraq war statements that appeared on the air, and 65% of all of the anti-war statements.

The post-2102 narrative had a circular logic to it: Obama won because of his superior campaign, and we know that his campaign was superior because he won.

This is an argument you hear more from the European left than the American right. But is it true?

Americans aren't as quick to trade freedom for security as you may think.

Not everyone has responded to the changing GOP stance in quite the same way.

About 73 percent of scandal-tainted incumbents make it to the general election. Bad behavior hurts, although it is far from a political death sentence.

What’s striking about this debate is how detached it is from some simple facts about the 2012 election—facts that suggest that the Republican Party doesn’t need an overhaul.

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