Google is starting to celebrate International Women’s Day a day early, with a Doodle video that features more than 100 women from around the world; some wish the viewer a happy International Women’s Day.

It includes Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistan activist; the first woman to surf in Iran; the president of Lithuania; and Dora the Explorer. It’s set to music by Zap Mama, a Belgian singer whose music is infused with Afro-pop. The full list of women in the video is here.

The holiday isn’t commonly celebrated in the United States, though it was started here by the Socialist Party in America. The United Nations has marked the holiday since March 8, 1975. This year’s theme is “Equality for women is progress for all,” according to the U.N.

It’s a big holiday in Russia (a place that has been in the news lately); Moscow bureau chief Kathy Lally last year explained the celebration there.

Lucky Russian women! March 8 is their moment: International Women’s Day, when nearly every man they know gives them a bouquet along with an expression of regard, if not love. Women, the government says, are so important that the entire country must have the day off to celebrate them. Accolades flow. Role models offer advice, so familiar to the Russian ear.

Women, stay home, commanded Gen. Yelena Knyazeva, the nation’s only woman army general. “I think it’s better for women to get married, have children and bring up their sons who will serve their Motherland,” she declared Thursday in an interview with the RIA Novosti news agency, arguing against a proposal for woman volunteers to substitute for the large numbers of male draft dodgers.

“Each of us has to do our own business,” she said, adding that there are a few woman soldiers now and that they are “kind, womanly and beautiful.”

Observance of the holiday started a day early outside of Google, as well; here are a few places it was marked today:

The United Nations in New York: Former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton was there.

(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Bogota, Colombia: Police officers there hand out long-stemmed yellow roses to school girls.

(Fernando Vergara/AP)

Karachi, Pakistan: Women light candles as they take party in a rally.

(Athar Hussain/Reuters)

Hyderabad, India: A girl performs martial arts at an event to mark the day.

(Mahesh Kumar A./AP)