Ibrahim Wani, director of Human Rights in South Sudan for the United Nations, discussed a recent U.N. document, “Conflict in South Sudan: A Human Rights Report,” detailing the “massive” level of violence occurring in the world’s newest nation in a video released Thursday by the U.N.

According to Wani, both the South Sudan government and the opposition are to blame for the human rights violations.

“The testimony we have gathered indicates some very gross violations of human rights that are very widespread across the whole country,” said Wani, noting if proven true, that some instances could qualify as war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The report details cases of extrajudicial killings, mass arrest and detention as well as extensive damage to property. It also documents many instances of rape and sexual violence.

“We do hope that this is in fact what the leaders and citizens of South Sudan will begin to focus on: that there is something larger than the individual, something larger than the ethnic group and that together they can actually build a South Sudan where everybody’s aspirations and dreams can be realized,” Wani said. “So that the younger generation in South Sudan will not again be facing the kind of catastrophe that today’s generation has faced.”