Shooting in Kiev of Kremlin critic raises parallels with suspected political killings.

"I’m a Londoner. This is my city. How can we be afraid?"

“They were just an ordinary family. I would never have assumed that he was in any way related to terrorist activity,” one former neighbor said.

Family members say Kurt Cochran was among the first pedestrians struck on Westminster Bridge.

An American celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife was among three killed in the attack, which also claimed the life of a police officer and a London teacher.

A low-tech attack could have played out differently with firearms.

LGBT activists hope a tragedy will lead to new legal protections.

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'60 Minutes' is a political talk show that validates the Kremlin’s view of the news.

«60 минут» - это политическое ток-шоу, представляющее точку зрение Кремля.

Евгений Попов – со-ведущий программы «60 минут» представляет свою точку зрения.

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