Matteo Salvini wants to bar immigrants and pull his nation off the euro. He might get his way.

“I found my daughter in the kitchen piling up small bits of stone. She told me she was rebuilding Aleppo,” one widow said.

The Philippine president's widely condemned plan to “kill all” the country’s suspected drug users and dealers now has the support of the U.S. president-elect, at least according to Duterte.

“The biggest pain of an artist in prison is to be forgotten.”

On Friday, Russia's Federal Security Service said it had discovered foreign plans to attack Russia's banking system. No evidence, nor suspected nation, was revealed.

In the West, nationalism is cloaked in myths of an imperial past.

A habit that drives the Internet wild.

"Globalization is not going to end with Mr. Trump. The United States cannot and will not isolate. It is not possible.”

During his campaign, the president-elect Donald Trump vowed to move the seaside embassy — and pronto.

Hollande has set new negative records.

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