Venezuelans have launched protest movements against their socialist-oriented government before. But this time may be different.

Jews were touched by Trump's prayers at the Western Wall, one of Judaism's holiest sites.

Europe may have good reason to feel nostalgia for Obama.

Barack Obama will be in Germany to see Angela Merkel.

Two homeless rescuers are being rewarded for their daring actions, though the devastation they encountered left them scarred.

"My heart is breaking,” Martyn Hett once tweeted, after no one would buy his mother's hand-knit crafts. That tweet made them both minor Internet stars.

Yi Fuxian is a critic of China's population control policies.

Armed soldiers were seen arriving outside Downing Street, Parliament and Westminster.

The pope appeared to make his point with the gift.

The prime minister's announcement underscored the depths to which terrorism carried out by adherents of the Islamic State has roiled Western Europe.

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