Indonesia is increasingly anxious about radicalization, though it is largely known for its religious moderation.

Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge is named after a monarch who ordered sectarian massacres.

Five-year-old Danica May Garcia was shot in the head in her home by gunmen who were targeting her grandfather.

Imposed in the name of secularism, the bans had prohibited Muslim women from wearing the burkini — a full-body bathing suit designed to respect traditional codes of modesty — on the beach.

The average life expectancy for a Syrian man dropped six years.

Dana Manjhi walked six miles in India's eastern state of Odisha with his dead wife's body on his shoulders.

High-profile birthday parties have become the latest victims of a campaign to curb the once-lavish lifestyles of Communist Party officials.

If you want to con someone in China, invoking the Qing dynasty is the way to go.

Colombians will vote on the peace accord Oct. 2. Will they think the deal is too sweet for the rebels?

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