By 2030, China and India will join the United States as the world's top three economies.

The report lends credence to activists who say India metes out “collective punishment” against its indigenous people.

A migrant camp once bustling with activity is turning into a ghost town.

It was outnumbered by counterprotesters.

The bakery contested a 2015 ruling that found it was in breach of equality legislation for refusing to make a Sesame Street-themed “gay cake.”

The consequences of that rhetoric were horrifying.

The arrest of the former police chief of the town of Iguala, where the students were last seen in 2014, could shed some light on what happened.

Despite budget cuts, Saudis took to social media after the rare execution of a Saudi royal viewing it as "fair" and "decisive."

Even with modern laws, child marriages remain pervasive in Egypt's rural areas.

Defending the Republican presidential nominee can be tough in countries that lean left.

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