Russia may be trying to reframe the debate in its favor.

"If Islamophobia continues to spread … the day will come when we will have to ask all women to wear headscarves.”

The city was to underwrite the project, but the mayor says there is too high a risk that taxpayers will be asked to kick in more.

Jean-François Jalkh denied making such a remark in a 2000 interview, but the writer stands by the article and said there is a recording.

But their brand of populism is far from defeated.

Yibram Saab's video showed how senior officials are facing rebellions, even in their families

The 28-year-old wanted to place the blame on migrants, officials said.

Saudi Arabia has seen a surge in death sentences since 2014.

The obscure word entered British political debate, for better or worse.

How do you investigate a site that you can't visit?

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