German authorities are expecting mass protests at next month's G-20 summit in Hamburg.

A 60-year-old tarot card reader says she's his daughter.

The Canadian prime minister sends another sartorial message.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised Stalin's profile as the victory of World War II rather than the strongman of the Gulag.

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The leaders of the world's two biggest democracies finally meet in person.

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Both Macron and Schwarzenegger have been outspoken about climate change — and about President Trump.

"I don’t want to say this is how justice is carried out — this can’t be left the way it is,” protesters father said.

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The project is meant as a signal to Afghanistan — and perhaps the U.S. — that Pakistan sees itself as a victim of cross-border terrorism, not a perpetrator.

Sixteen-year-old's slaying was the latest in a string of anti-Muslim attacks during the holy Islamic period of Ramadan. Tensions have been rising since the Hindu nationalists government restricted the sale of cattle for slaughter.

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Even the think tank that made that claim has retracted their study.

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