Narendra Modi is seeking reelection in the world's largest democratic exercise.

The Italian deputy prime minister is at the vanguard of the continent's ascendant far right ahead of next week's elections for the European Parliament.

Countries including El Salvador and the Dominican Republic already have similar legislation in place.

Only a handful of countries are backing the United States’ push against Iran.

Critics say the problem isn’t the gaffes themselves, but the underlying views that are reflected in politicians’ comments.

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U.S. military planners are well aware of the dangers of escalation, but the U.S. political leadership remains on a course of confrontation.

“Australia experienced a massacre and changed their laws. New Zealand had its experience and changed its laws. To be honest, I do not understand the United States," Jacinda Ardern said in an interview.

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Another dispute between a U.S. administration led by a tough-talking Republican president and an embattled but antagonistic Middle Eastern power.

Italy, Poland and to some extent Australia, stand for three very different approaches by the Catholic Church to retain supporters.

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Even Trump allies, like Hungary's Viktor Orban, realize they have more to gain by staying out of things.

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