A train with the slogan “Kosovo is Serbia” leads to tensions on the border.

Russia's foreign minister said that United States has been actively trying to recruit Russian diplomats for espionage.

The storm clouds of an armed, regional crisis are gathering.

Read the British prime minister's full speech about her country's plans to leave the European Union.

Researchers believe the charm belonged to Karoline Cohn, a Jewish girl who may have had a “familial connection” to Anne Frank.

The project is expected to be mostly funded by the European Union.

European leaders say unity is the only way forward, but the president-elect doesn't appear to be listening.

The Dalai Lama gave a two-week Buddhist teaching to hundreds of thousands in India.

With the West submerged by a wave of populism, it's China talking about climate control and global trade.

Rex Tillerson's ExxonMobil lost its assets in Venezuela. But then it went next door.

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