The pills have the president's coifed hair and pursed lips. The back resembles Trump's campaign signs.

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Trump singled out Pakistan. Here's how Russia, Iran and China are involved in Afghanistan.

She was “buried at sea” after an accident, the inventor claimed, according to police.

In Afghanistan speech, Trump takes a swipe at its “natural ally,” India.

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Both American and Russian measures have been bad for Russian citizens.

"Comrade Joe” became the star of North Korean propaganda movies and tried to persuade other soldiers to defect.

The Cambridge University Press faced academic outrage after agreeing to remove articles about Tibet, Tiananmen Square and China's Cultural Revolution.

Few question the need for renovations to the Houses of Parliament. But many ask why they will take so long.

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The collision took place near a 10-mile-wide maritime gauntlet brimming with ships.

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The latest video from North Korea suggests missiles will be heading toward Guam during the joint American-South Korean military exercises, which started Monday.

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