Wherever Nirav Modi is has Internet access, because he's been taking email potshots at the government agencies investigating him.

Authorities said they were not acting on a tip when they found the artwork on a bus outside Paris.

A former Austrian chancellor says he met Paul Manafort twice, but only for coffee, and denies lobbying for Ukraine's former government.

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The firm is linked to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, also known as “Putin's chef.”

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Many girls are still unaccounted for. But so far, the government can't say where they are.

The new Lancet study says the system is also failing Canada's indigenous populations.

“The immigrant experience has always been a fundamental part of my family life, and I would be proud to carry that heritage with me,” Lee Francis Cissna told a Senate panel at his confirmation hearing.

The latest gags focus on his razzle-dazzle wardrobe, upstaging even India's flamboyant movie stars.

"If he dies without me seeing him that would be irreparable damage,” Lanre Haastrup told a judge.

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"There is a potential darker side to political families if politics becomes exclusive rather than inclusive,” one political scientist warned.

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