A U.S. advance team preparing President Trump's upcoming visit told Israeli representatives that the Western Wall is not part of Israeli territory. So how does Steven Tyler fit in?

Javier Valdez was shot Monday near the offices of the newspaper he founded.

Former prisoners describe the brutality in Syrian military hospitals: “It's not easy to describe the pain and humiliation of torture."

President Trump's diplomatic withdrawals are giving China space to expand its influence.

The comments were clearly directed at the United States.

It's a lesson in what happens when truths, half-truths and state-sanctioned talking points, mixed and repeated, begin to pass as fact.

This time it's for ransom, but future attacks could have much bigger stakes.

This weekend’s announcement that 17 mummies were found south of Cairo marked the latest in a series of discoveries this year that officials see as a boost for the tourism sector, a vital source of hard currency.

Violent protests against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro have overtaken the country for weeks.

Many have come to the defense of Emmanuel Macron's wife, Brigitte Macron, after continued attacks on their 24-year age difference.

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