(Vincent Yu/AP)

The great tragedy of world news is that few topics are as fascinating, exciting, and important, yet world news pages are often perceived as overwhelming, even intimidating. Who could possibly keep up with just the rise of China, much less the turmoil in the Middle East, the European experiment, the fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the development of sub-Saharan Africa, or the countless other stories playing out across the globe? Even if one person could keep track of it all, how to possibly understand the intricacies, the ways the stories are all interconnected, and the sometimes baffling cultural differences that play into them?

Welcome to WorldViews, the Washington Post’s foreign news blog. Our mission is not only to help you navigate the stories of the day, but to explore the unquestioned assumptions; the amazing images and videos from around the world; and the historical, cultural, and human forces behind the headlines. We chose the name WorldViews to reflect an emphasis on ideas and on perspectives, both of which can shed surprising light on foreign news.

In addition to regular contributions from the Post’s remarkable foreign staff, I’ll be bringing an eye for insight to the biggest stories of the day, the unanswered questions behind those stories, the many small ways that world news touches our lives, and for what’s fascinating, fun, and surprising in the world. Expect to find everything from thoughts on breaking news, to revealing stories from abroad, to explorations of the intricacies of foreign cultures. We hope you’ll check in often.