(Source: Cuju Beijing)

In a vignette of what it can be like to watch the U.S. presidential election from the other side of the world, a Chinese bar is opening very early Wednesday: 8 in the morning, which will be 8 on Tuesday evening on the U.S. East Coast. Just in time to pack in, watch the Midwest returns, maybe decide the race, and pack in a few breakfast beers.

Cuju sports bar, which caters to Westerners in Beijing (they show NFL games), even has two cases of a white honey ale that they advertise as based on President Obama's much-discussed honey brown ale home brew. The Chinese version carries photos of Obama and Romney, the label "Ale to the Chief," and Benjamin Franklin's famous quote, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Here's the bar's announcement, a glimpse into life for Americans abroad who are looking for a taste of home – and maybe a little drink to get the day started. Though most Chinese will probably not be watching from an early morning visit to a sports bar, the race does receive wide attention there, a reminder that the presidential election is a truly global event.

yup, it’s that time.. every four years, we tune in to see what’s happening in USAnia and who gets to spend the next 4 years in the white house and grace a turkey on thanksgiving.

so come into Cu Ju this wednesday morning starting 8:00 am to see the last bits of the US presidential election as it all gets down to the final wire.

For this occasion, we have teamed up with our friends at 京A who have brewed up a batch of ‘Ale to the Chief’ US election beer (it’s actually the official White House honey ale recipe)..

And guess what? The only place you can taste this baby, short of winning the US presidential election, is at Cu Ju this wednesday.