After months of secret internal struggles over who would become China's new team of leaders and endless speculation, reporters finally arrived at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Thursday for the big reveal of the Communist Party's new standing committee.

William Wan/Washington Post
William Wan/Washington Post

But for some, the most curious thing at the entire event were these little black stickers government organizers had stuck onto the red stage, each denoting a number from one to seven. 

Upon closer inspection, they appeared to be essentially stage directions for the mysterious new leaders on where to stand, based on their new positions of power: #1 in the middle, #2 to his left, #3 to his right…

It was as though all the factional fighting and backroom deals in the months leading up to Thursday could have been undone by some poor soul simply standing in the wrong place and accidentally demoting himself.

The amusement value of that idea sent many journalists rushing to the stage afterward to snap photos of the tiny black sticker numbers. Some were even seen spiriting away some of the less-noticed lower numbers, either as souvenirs from the once-in-a-decade event, or perhaps in case any of them should ever find themselves in need of a reminder of their appointed place in the Communist Party's pecking order.