As part of its aggressive social media public relations campaign, the Israeli Defense Force's twitter account is blasting out statements and infographics about Israel's right to defend itself.

The account has now started mixing in messages about Israel's attempt to mitigate casualties in Gaza by delivering leaflets urging Palestinians to stay away from Hamas facilities that may be targeted. Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry said 13 people have been killed so far in the Israeli strikes.

The leaflets blame Hamas for the violence and warns citizens to stay away from Hamas facilities. In Gaza, Israeli jets and drones hit dozens of targets overnight. Thursday morning, three Israelis were killed by rocket fire from Gaza.

The IDF also released this video of the leaflet drop:

Israel dropped similar leaflets during Operation Cast Lead, the December 2008 offensive that led to a ground invasion in Gaza. At the time, more than 2 million fliers warned the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip not to come within 300 meters of the border with Israel and said that force would be used to prevent anybody from doing so.