Screenshot of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's speech on Nile TV

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi addressed the nation on Thursday night as protests, street clashes and a looming constitutional crisis threaten the country's nascent democracy. Here are the five big takeaways from the speech and why it's unlikely to soothe the opposition who fear that Morsi and Islamist allies are trying to ram through a new constitution. But Egyptians, ever prone to humor in moments of darkness, paused last night and this morning to joke about an unusual moment in Morsi's address, when the not-always-polished president licked his finger the turn the page of his prepared remarks.

Al-Arabiya's Shounaz Mekky noticed the trend and collected some of the responses. Here are a few of the quips:

“Apparently the presidential speech was finger-licking good #morsi #egypt,” read a tweet by Eman Wafik.

“What do you expect from a president that licks his finger LIVE before flipping a page? #Morsi,” said Maisoon Fawzy in another tweet.

“I bet that #Morsi waters his finger while browsing the I-pad,” said another Egyptian twitterati.

Morsi's past eccentricities have included a long, baffling digression about Planet of the Apes during an interview with Time magazine.