A microblog that has posted some rare images of China's Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has managed to raise some eyebrows in the country. "Learning from Xi Fan Club," site, which was set up by an anonymous user who claimed to be "a fan of the party secretary" is being received with some skepticism, as some see it as a well-oiled propaganda effort to cultivate the image of a newer, accessible leader.

The Post's Keith Richburg reported: "The fan site posted rare early photographs of Xi and his family members — highly unusual in China, where the private lives of officials remain shrouded in secrecy. There are references to Xi’s mottoes and his favorite sports. And the site refers to the Communist Party’s top leader by an affectionate nickname, “Pingping.”

Here, we are posting screenshots of those images from the fan site, which can be accessed on Weibo if you have a login.

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