You must have seen thousands of photographs of Everest. But there have been none like this:

According to NPR, the image is the result of a project by David Breashears, who has already climbed the highest mountain in the world five times. He used old images of Everest and its glaciers and combined them with new ones.

The photo is part of a broader project called GlacierWorks by the mountaineer Breashears, who made the much-acclaimed IMAX documentary "Everest."

His project aims to document the current state of glaciers in the Himalayas and how the mountain and those glaciers are being affected by climate change.

CORRECTION: The original headline on this post incorrectly said that the resolution of the image was 2 billion pixels. According to a clarification by GlacierWorks, the final pixel count of the completed image comes to 120,000 x 31,840 pixels, which yields a total of 3,820,800,000, or about 3.8 billion. The new headline reflects the change.