If you suddenly find yourself realizing that you've forgotten a Christmas gift, don't worry, your favorite world news blog has you covered. We previously published our ultimate gift guide for foreign affairs lovers and world travelers, but many of the items could be tough to secure on short notice. Fortunately, you can use two easily attainable items – wrapping paper and a bottle of something special – to put together a memorable, worldly present.

Wine might be a cliche gift on its own, but by making your own Japanese-style wrapping paper you can special-tailor it to a recipient who loves Japan in particular or the world in general. These designs come from Shiho Masuda, is a professional gift-wrapper based in New York.

Masuda granted me permission to reproduce two of her wine-bottle wrapping paper designs, with photos (all by her) and instructions included.

Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping 1

Materials: Washi Paper, Ribbon, Card Stock
Tools: Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape, Circle Cutter(Optional)
Paper Size: Width - Enough to wrap around the bottle 2 times
Height - Height of the bottle, plus 6"~8"

Step 1: Turn the paper over. Create a one-inch fold on the long side of the
paper and fold four more times (total five folds).

Step 2: Turn the paper over and unfold the last four folds. Fold the
creases over toward you, crossing the first fold 1/3 from the right
of the paper.

Step 3: Unfold, then cut the left side of the creases diagonally.

Step 4: Refold all the creases and secure the back with tape.

Step 5: Place the bottle inside and wrap paper around. seal the end with
double sided tape.

Step 6: Close the bottom and seal with a piece of card stock cut in a

Step 7: Fold back the top twice and seal with double sided tape.

Step 8: Tie a bow in the middle and cut the ends at an angle.

Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping 2

Materials: Washi Paper (2 different colors), Ribbon, Card Stock
Tools: Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape, Circle Cutter (Optional)
Paper Size: Width - Enough to wrap around the bottle 1.5 times
Height - 8" longer than the height of the bottle

Step 1: Place the two sheets on top of each other and fold them together
in about one inch along the height (usually longer side).

Step 2: Continue to fold nine more times for a total of 10 folds. Unfold
everything except the first fold. Turn the papers over and
separate the two sheets.

Step 3: Fold each crease over toward the first fold about one-quarter of an inch creating pleats. Tape the back to secure the pleats.

Step 4: Repeat the same steps with the other paper. Attach them
together with double-sided tape, making sure all the folds are
facing in the same direction.

Step 5: Turn the papers upside down, and place the wine bottle at the
lower left corner of the paper.

Step 6: Roll it to wrap the paper around and seal the end with double-sided tape.

Step 7: Cut out a card stock circle slightly smaller than the bottom of the
bottle. Fold the paper around the bottom toward the center (cut
off any extra paper) and secure with tape. Secure the cut-out circle with double sided tape.

Step 8: Wrap ribbon around the bottle and tie a knot. Continue to
create a single loop bow and cut the ends at an angle. Decorate
with any accessories you like (optional).