Between 2003 and 2012, the Super Bowl has generatedĀ $1.85 billion in network advertising salesĀ from more than 130 marketers, according to Kantar Media. And as you chuckle at a particularly droll Budweiser commercial on Sunday, you might think to yourself, "But how many mosquito nets would this ad pay for?"

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition has put together an infographic showing how U.S. development and aid spending stacks up against Super Bowl ad dollars, food and even security costs.

"We want to build awareness among Americans about the important role global development plays in our security, economy, and values," the organization's communications director, Richard Parker, said in an e-mail. "At just 1 percent of the federal budget, these programs are a cost-effective investment for American taxpayers."

Granted, it's up for dispute whether more spending on development and diplomacy would be a "touchdown for America." And we can't exactly ship 100 million pounds of chicken wings to Africa. Still, it's an interesting look at how our international programs compare to one of our national pastimes.

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition