These two older women from mainland China (referred to as "grannies" in the affectionate parlance of Chinese social media) are officially cooler than I am, because they are in on the Harlem Shake craze and I am definitely not.

Here's the Wall Street Journal's Josh Chin, who unearthed this video among others and explains the trend:

The Harlem Shake – or Halin Yao, as it’s known in Mandarin – is based on an electronic dance track of the same name by Brooklyn-based producer Baauer. Each roughly 30-second video begins with a single person dancing alone to the music (typically wearing a helmet) while others in the room sit idly by. Then the bass line drops, the video cuts and suddenly everyone in the room is convulsing, shimmying or thrusting suggestively, often with the help of props. ...

A number of critics have suggested the Harlem Shake meme might already be deadin the U.S., though China could very well inject some new life into it. Searches reveal more than a dozen Chinese Harlem Shake videos so far, including this one filmed in a pharmacy.

It's no Gangnam Style, but then again what is?