This post is part of a recurring feature, in which the WorldViews team shares some of what it's reading today. It’s meant to highlight some of the best foreign affairs coverage from other media outlets, blogs, academic institutions and think tanks. It’s also meant to give you a sense of what might end up driving the foreign policy conversations for the day. We hope you enjoy it and check back tomorrow.

1. The Diplomat: Why Rodman's trip isn't ping-pong diplomacy

Trying to make sense of the Dennis-Rodman-in-North-Korea shenanigans.

2. Foreign Policy: Welcome to the Middle East, Mr. Secretary

A look at the many, many fires John Kerry will have to put out.

3. Der Spiegel: Nobel Laureate Mo Yan: 'I am guilty'

The controversial author speaks out on Chinese politics and cultural change for the first time since winning the Nobel prize for literature.

4. Slate: The whimsical circus of China's bike peddlers

One artist's charming, surreal take on China's break-neck development.