Kim Jong Eun and Dennis Rodman watch North Korean and U.S. players in an exhibition basketball game at an arena in Pyongyang. (AP Photo/VICE Media/Jason Mojica)

A lengthy video recap of Dennis Rodman's Pyongyang trip, reportedly from North Korean TV, surfaced on the English-speaking Internet late last night. If you can get through all the clapping, it's worth a watch.

The 15-minute segment includes shots from the basketball game Rodman attended with his "friend" Kim Jong Eun and scenes from a dinner where the North Korean leader presented Rodman with a box of cigars.

(Via The Atlantic)

There are also many, many scenes of the crowd cheering the pair -- which would seem to support fears that Rodman's trip served as free PR for North Korea's controversial leader. Previously, a shot of Rodman and Kim Jong Eun ran on the front page of the country's official state-run paper.

The PR hasn't ended with Rodman's return to the states, either. Over the weekend, he appeared on ABC's "This Week" to provide praise for Kim Jong Eun and diplomatic advice for President Obama. If you believe the word of New York Post's Page Six, he was also kicked out of a midtown New York hotel bar on Sunday night for loudly proclaiming Kim Jong Eun's merits to an unreceptive crowd.