Bolshoi Theatre ballet dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko, seen here performing in November 2012. (Reuters)

The story of a disturbing acid attack on acclaimed artistic director Sergei Filin has as much intrigue as a Russian novel. It turns out there's a local twist, as well: Pavel Dmitrichenko, the 29-year-old dancer who confessed to plotting the attack, once danced at D.C.'s own Kennedy Center.

In fact, as the Post's Sarah Kaufman details over on the Style Blog, there are actually some striking parallels between Dmitrichenko's D.C. roles and his romantically-motivated crime:

It’s for his 2010 performances in “Spartacus” that Washington audiences will chiefly remember Dmitrichenko. The artistic irony is rich: In the title role of the Thracian captive who whips up a revolt against the Romans, Dmitrichenko rose in chest-thumping outrage at the treatment of his character’s enslaved wife and, later, rescued her. Yet she was ultimately left alone to mourn her husband, as he ended up impaled on the Romans’ spears.

The attack has riveted observers in Moscow, who "consider the Bolshoi Ballet a cultural jewel emblematic of their city and its treasures," writes Kathy Lally.