This post is part of a recurring feature, in which the WorldViews team shares some of what it’s reading today. It’s meant to highlight some of the best foreign affairs coverage from other media outlets, blogs, academic institutions and think tanks. It’s also meant to give you a sense of what might end up driving the foreign policy conversations for the day. We hope you enjoy it and check back tomorrow.

1. New York Times: After Chavez, a chance to rethink relations with Cuba

Robert White, the former U.S. ambassador to Paraguay and El Salvador, thinks Chavez's death could warm our relationship with Latin America -- maybe enough to end the embargo against Cuba.

2. Bloomberg Businessweek: The papal conclave may be the most hack-proof election on the planet

“On a security basis, I’d grade it a 9.998 out of 10,” one security expert said.

3. The Peninsula: Rodman doesn't understand the big picture with North Korea, and he may have hurt it

The U.S. has tried to engage Pyongyang, but over more substantial issues than basketball.

4. NPR: Plague of locusts has Israelis asking: Are they kosher for Passover?

That actually depends whom you ask.