A portrait of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is seen next to Sam-6 missiles displayed in a square south of Tehran. (Behrouz Mehri -- AFP/Getty Images)

This post is part of a recurring feature highlighting some of the best foreign affairs coverage from other media outlets, blogs, academic institutions and think tanks. It’s also meant to give you a sense of what might end up driving the foreign policy conversations for the day. We hope you enjoy it and check back tomorrow.

1) Al Jazeera's The Stream: Gay Argentines react to Pope Francis

The new pope's fellow Argentine nationals seem to be less than thrilled with his record on LGBT rights.

2) National Interest: Forget the Fatwa

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei famously decreed, in a formal fatwa, a ban on nuclear weapons. If true, that would seem to resolve the international standoff over Iran's nuclear program: if the program is religiously and politically restricted to peaceful purposes, then there's no problem, right? But two analysts at the conservative-leaning Washington Institute for Near East Policy look at the religious doctrine and political history of Iranian regime fatwas, concluding that the world should take the fatwa with a big grain of salt.

3) China File: My first trip to China

In this long-running series, writers and scholars recall what they saw and felt on their first visit to the country that, in most cases, would come to dominate their lives. They're windows into versions of China very different from today's, some from before the Cultural Revolution. The essays can also be bought as a book, which is today reviewed at CNN.