The new official North Korean tune, posted online this week, is titled some variation of "Let's Defend General Kim Jong Un at the Cost of Our Lives" or "We Will Safeguard General Kim Jong Un With Our Very Lives," depending on the translation.

It has all the tropes we've come to know and love from North Korean propaganda music video: shots of Mount Baekdu, images of the military, marching band instrumentation and a Soviet-style chorus of shouting male tenors. Sorry to say that I don't have a translation but, if past such songs are any indication, it is probably a safe bet that the the lyrics praise leader Kim Jong Un, threaten the total destruction of national enemies and pledge unswerving loyalty to the military and the fatherland.

More seriously, this piece of militaristic propaganda, and its message of defining nationalism as the act of taking up arms in personal service of Kim, would seem to support the analysis that Kim's recent threats and provocations are at least in part about rallying the population's support for the military and the military's support for himself. It's not just a cult of personality, after all: The Kim family is practically state religion, and military-first is its doctrine.