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North Korea’s official response to Boston bombing cites conspiracy site World Net Daily

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (KNS/AFP/Getty Images)

Narcissism comes in many forms, but one of them is interpreting all events as primarily important for how they affect or otherwise relate to you. The North Korean state news agency has finally turned its attention to the bombings last week at the Boston Marathon -- to formally defend the real victim in all this: North Korea.

The Korean Central News Agency dedicated Saturday's "commentary" message to a response to a bizarre article at World Net Daily, a conservative American Web site mostly known for advocating outlandish conspiracy theories, such as that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen. The offending article, published on Wednesday, suggested that North Korea may have secretly orchestrated the Boston attacks. World Net Daily based this suspicion on anonymous "analysts," though I do not know of any analysts anywhere who have even darted a glance in that direction.

Still, it was enough to leave North Korea's state media feeling victimized and aggrieved. Not about to leave this provocation unanswered, the Juche keyboard commandos struck back in a semi-coherent fury:

Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- The U.S. internet newspaper World Net Daily speaking for U.S. conservative forces recently released a false story linking the bomb explosion during the Boston Marathon to the DPRK. It reported the misinformation that the DPRK used such an agent as Al Qaeda for attacking the U.S.
The DPRK categorically dismisses this anti-DPRK ruckus made by the conservative daily bereft of any elementary appearance as a medium as a false propaganda which does not deserve even a passing note.

The North Korean response (notice how it describes World Net Daily as "speaking for U.S. conservative forces") goes on to argue that the article is part of a larger American conspiracy, a "sinister plot" to pave the way for a war against North Korea. It accuses the news site of secretly coordinating with the White House to reinstate North Korea on the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. The Bush administration removed North Korea from the list in 2008. The allegation might surprise regular readers of World Net Daily, who know the site frequently questions President Obama's citizenship and allegiance.

The commentary gets pretty close to condemning the Boston attack, noting that North Korea "has consistently maintained the stand of opposing all forms of terrorism."

Still, in the very next line, KCNA hastens to add that North Korea would of course not hesitate to wage terrible war upon the evil American imperialists -- just not in secret, as World Net Daily accuses it of doing.

"When the DPRK feels necessary to strike the U.S., it would not resort to such heinous terrorism in hiding," the commentary helpfully clarifies. Comforting!

North Korean state media makes a lot of hay out of accusing the United States of preparing to invade their country. The propaganda campaign is likely meant to stoke fears within that country, using the threat of impending invasion to rally support for the military and, when the invasion never comes, to prove that great leader Kim Jong Un scared away the evil imperialists.

The KCNA article ends by saying that the World Net Daily "should have felt ashamed of its behavior" for this very "mean practice."