Russian security services arrested an American diplomat named Ryan C. Fogle on Monday night or Tuesday morning, alleging that he is a CIA spy who was trying to recruit Russian citizens, The Washington Post's Will Englund reports.

And, what do you know, there just happens to be a plethora of photos and video of the arrest, which the Moscow-financed news outlet RT has published. It's not clear if the video and photos were taken by Russian security services and later delivered to RT or taken by RT itself, which would raise questions about how the news agency's reporters just happened to be at the scene of the arrest when it happened.

The photos, most of which are included in the above video, show Fogle being arrested somewhere in Moscow and held in a state security office. There are photos of his U.S. embassy ID card, envelopes full of cash and a letter apparently addressed to a Russian citizen allegedly asking him to work for the CIA. It also shows a disguise kit that Fogle was said to be carrying, including two wigs, three sunglasses, a map of Moscow, flashlight, compass and knife.

We'll have more on this throughout the day so please check back.