Protests across Brazil, which began as a movement against rising bus fares, have since escalated into mass demonstrations challenging the rising cost of living and what is seen as the government's emphasis on large-scale projects such as the World Cup over basic social services.

This video, from Saturday, was taken by Brazilian photographer Michel de Souza in Rio de Janeiro. The video, taken from his point-of-view, records him moving through the city's streets photographing the protesters, police and onlookers. It portrays Rio's protest as relatively peaceful for its size and at times exuberant.

It's not clear whether or not the protests can maintain their positive atmosphere. Since Saturday, some of the demonstrations have since turned violent, with riot police firing tear gas and protesters storming some buildings and, in Rio, setting part of the state legislature on fire.

The New York Times said of Monday's demonstration in São Paulo that a "large number" of the protesters "were university students, but middle-aged professionals and parents with children in strollers were also present." The paper's report describes the crowd as "at once furious and festive." That can be a tough balance to maintain.