Remember last week when a San Francisco news station, KTVU, announced it had learned the names of the Korean pilots on the Asiana Airlines flight that had crashed at San Francisco International Airport, but then erroneously reported four names that were in fact racist caricatures of Korean names?

Well, as I've been telling people all weekend, the insult-to-injury in the KTVU incident (and Asiana Airlines is in fact alleging actual injury, as it says it will sue the station) was the fact that the pilot names weren't racist fake Korean names – they were racist fake Chinese names. It's like a whole other country.

Fortunately, I can stop ranting because Stephen Colbert has corrected the record, and done it much more humorously than I could have. As he explains, "If you're going to do a racist joke, at least get the ethnicity right." Please do watch:

As a bonus, Colbert says of Asiana's lawsuit threat, "Yes, KTVU damaged Asiana's sterling reputation in almost landing planes."