Have you ever wanted to be the constitutional monarch of Britain and 15 other sovereign realms, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and the royal crown of England?

If you answered yes, then the good news is that YouTube celebrity C.G.P. Grey has put together a handy and entertaining video guide. The bad news is that, unless you're Prince Charles, Prince William or the as-yet unborn child of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the video doesn't really apply. But you should watch it anyway:

He's not kidding about the speed with which Britain and the wider British Commonwealth have moved to roll back the law requiring male primogeniture (pronounced preemo–jenna-chure), which would have made it more difficult for William and Middleton's child to inherit the crown if that child is a girl. Back in December, when London first announced it would attempt to make the change, we looked at royal succession laws around the world and the sixth-century Frankish tribe that established most of the rules for how European monarchy works.

If you enjoyed the video, also check out C.G.P. Grey's handy explainer on the finer and weirder points of Vatican law.