Daily Show's John Oliver hosts a segment on Australian politics. (Daily Show)

The premise of the segment is that although Australia's election cycle is only four short weeks long, compared to the unofficial three or four years in U.S. presidential campaigns, it still manages to contain all the gaffes and absurdity of an American election. Host John Oliver proves the point by going through several eerily American-style campaign implosions.

There's something really magical about an Englishman doing an Australian accent. You can watch it here:

"We can have this, America," Oliver says, "If we just agree not to say another word until 2016."

We've actually covered one of these candidates: Stephanie Banister, the candidate with a very real political party who identified Islam as a country and made so many more gaffes (read about them here). Alas, she has since withdrawn from the race.

Australia's "stop the boats" campaign, mentioned in one of the segments, is no joke. Southeast Asians seeking refugee or asylum status in Australia often travel by boat but are increasingly turned away and placed into indefinite detention on nearby islands and under conditions that human rights groups call inhumane.