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Video shows how that Egyptian armored vehicle really fell off a bridge

Sabry Khaled (El Shorouk newspaper/Associated Press)
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One of the most shocking moments out of Cairo on Wednesday, a day full of them, was the armored state security vehicle toppling off a traffic bridge near the pro-Morsi sit-in at Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque. Video and photos appeared to show protesters on the bridge forcing the vehicle off the road and several stories down to the ground.

But a newly released video, shot from a wider view, shows that in fact the truck drove off the bridge, apparently as it attempted to flee from protesters. The video, embedded here, shows the state security vehicle driving up the bridge, hitting a passenger van and then reversing as a large crowd chases after it. It hits the railing and then slips over the edge:

While it does show the protesters chasing the truck, it does not show them pushing it off the bridge, as was widely reported at the time.

Photos of the incident, though, do show protesters running down to the overturned truck and dragging away, like a sack of potatoes, one of the security officers who had crawled out. I haven't embedded that particular photo as it's quite graphic, but you can see it here.