The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, better known as the Taliban, has issued a statement decrying "with great regret" the ongoing bloodshed in Egypt. The statement laments the loss of life and "the ouster of constitutionally and nationally elected President Muhammad Morsi." The full statement is below.

It certainly does seem strange for a terrorist insurgency that routinely targets civilians to condemn the loss of civilian life. So too is it bizarre for a group that opposes elections in its native Afghanistan, and has threatened violence against anyone who dares vote, to invoke the importance of respecting democracy in Egypt.

Before you declare irony forever dead, this is not actually as surprising as it might seem. While Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are very different from the Afghan Taliban, the latter might see some hints of itself in the former. The Taliban wants an Islamic government in Afghanistan and opposes what it sees as the secular, U.S.-backed regime in Kabul. Morsi is no Taliban but he was an Islamist president deposed by the secular, U.S.-backed military, in what the Taliban no doubt sees as a parallel to the Hamid Karzai regime in Kabul.

The actual similarities are, to be clear, much, much thinner than the similarities potentially perceived by the Taliban's media office. But it still makes for an entertainingly head-twisting news release. Here's the full text, certified by the Web site Jihadology:

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the ongoing bloody incidents in Egypt
It is with great regret that on Wednesday morning of the ongoing Shawal month of the current year of 1434 in the Islamic country of Egypt, the military, security organs and police raided the settlements of peaceful demonstrators in the capital Cairo and dispersed crowds from two large bases with indiscriminate fire who had gathered for the past two months in protest to condemn the ouster of constitutionally and nationally elected President Muhammad Morsi and did not accept the government which came about in the coupe d’etat!
The security apparatus opened indiscriminate fire from morning till dusk time on the peaceful protesters who were sleeping in their tents without any prior warning. This inhumane and unwarranted attack resulted in the martyrdom of around two thousand and six hundred peaceful protestors including women, children and the elderly only in the camps of An-Nahdah and Rabi’a al ‘Aduweya while thousands were also wounded and hundreds arrested, according to the tally of the demonstrators. Hundreds of other protestors in other provinces of Egypt who condemned this action of the military and government have also been brutally martyred.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, besides strongly condemning this inhumane and unethical action, calls on the Egyptian military and government to stop spilling the blood of innocent women, children and elderly and it must pave the way for the return of constitutionally elected president to stop the situation from spiraling further out of control.
The Islamic Emirate also calls on the United Nations, Islamic Conference, notable scholars on international level as well as the international community to not be satisfied with only condemning this barbaric incident but they should take practical steps to the best of their abilities in order to avoid the arrest and bloodshed of more innocent people because if the situation remains as is, not only will it harm the people and nation of Egypt but it shall have an adverse effect both regionally and globally.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
24/05/1392 15/08/2013