The news out of Egypt this week has been, and continues to be, important, fast-paced and at times overwhelming. It's a lot to keep up with, not least because information is often fragmentary, and smart people can disagree about what it means.

These are the people you should follow on Twitter to keep track of what's going on inside of Egypt (as well as within relevant circles in Washington), what it means, why it matters and how to think about it.

You should follow the whole list (built off an earlier version). But if this is too much, skip down to the general observers and start by following them, a great way to ease into Egypt coverage.


(1) Dalia Ezzat – High-volume, rises above the frays that usually dominate Egypt's Twittersphere

(2) Bassem Sabry – Thoughtful, analytical, often funny

(3) The Big Pharaoh – Pseudonymous blogger, acerbic and opinionated

(4) Mosa'ab el-Shamy –  A photographer of breathtaking talent and, often, compassion; that's one of his up top


(1) Sarah Carr – Live reporting, candid assessments of what it means

(2) Bel Trew – Always in the middle of the action

(3) Abigail Hauslohner – The Washington Post's own (see also Liz Sly, normally in Beirut but today in Cairo)

(4) Lauren Bohn – Well-sourced with Islamists of all stripes

(5) Evan Hill – Insightful, connects minute-to-minute developments to the big picture

(6) David Kenner – Wry, thoughtful, takes a wide view

(7) Rawya Rageh – A broadcaster's sense of immediacy


(1) Michael Hanna – Not an optimist, but cuts through the noise like no other

(2) Steven Cook – Talks to everyone, wonderful writer, wrote my favorite Egypt book

(3) Tamara Cofman Wittes – Precise, careful analysis

(4) Shadi Hamid – Principled, not afraid to take a stand

(5) Eric Trager – Skeptic who accurately predicted abuses of Morsi government

General Observers

(1) Blake Hounshell – Astute interpreter of official thinking in Egypt and the United States

(2) Laila Lalami – A novelist's eye

(3) Tom Gara – Funny and insightful, a deadly combination

(4) Issandr el-Amrani – Runs the must-read Arabist blog from Cairo

(5) Nervana Mahmoud – High-volume, in-depth, based in Britain

(6) Karl Sharro – Satirist beloved by Egypt-watchers, who laugh through the tears with his one-person MidEast version of The Onion

(7) Dalia Mohgahed – D.C.-based but Egypt-focused; the distance helps add clarity