Just two months ago, before Egypt's first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi was ousted in a military coup, it would have been difficult to predict this day. After a series of rapid court decisions, former president Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison and transported by helicopter to a military hospital. Officials say he will eventually be placed under house arrest.

Mubarak was first put under house arrest in February 2011, after he was ousted by the mass popular protests of the Egyptian revolution. He later landed in prison.

A video of the transfer is embedded below. If you skip to about 4:30, you can see the man who ruled Egypt for three decades being wheeled out of the helicopter and placed into an ambulance. I can't quite make him out myself, but Jon Williams of ABC News says he's wearing a white track suit and sunglasses -- classic Mubarak.

And here, via BuzzFeed, is an animated gif of Mubarak's helicopter leaving the prison that held him for months and that many believed might become his permanent home.