Russians, it’s time to get your story straight. After the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg snapped a photo of a two-toilet stall and tweeted it with a friendly “Seeing double in the Gentlemen's Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre #Sochi” legions of you laughed uproariously and turned the tweet viral.

But all Games have their spoil sports: They insisted Rosenberg had gone to the men's room just after a partition was removed but before the toilets were yanked out. Management wanted a storeroom, they said, and soon a photo was flitting around of a toilet-free stall occupied by three short cabinets with shallow drawers. Twitter wars!

Sleuths, where are you? Who would rip toilets and plumbing out just as builders were rushing to prepare for thousands of Olympic visitors? What kind of bathroom supplies would you keep in shallow drawers in a public men’s room? Why does this explanation make no sense?

Uh oh. Now the Associated Press has turned up a double stall in the Olympic media center.

Here’s another in the lobby of a hotel in the Olympic Ekaterininsky Kvartal complex.

(Kathy Lally/The Washington Post)

What’s wrong with this picture?