Recording a video of you and your mates clutching assault rifles and shouting into a camera is a time-honored tradition of jihadist groups worldwide. Surely, in all those recording sessions with angry young militants, people must occasionally mess up. This satirical video, put together by the Syrian nonprofit filmmaker group Bidayyat, imagines what that blooper reel would look like.

The video is actually from October, but seems worth revisiting as a bit of comic relief today, as al-Qaeda's "central" leadership once again disavows the Syria- and Iraq-based jihadist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Not just because people who care about Syria are thinking about extremist groups and the horrific damage they cause, and a little break from that can't hurt, but as a timely reminder that these extremists are just human beings. Today's news, of more bureaucratic infighting, is another reminder of that.

Credit to the Wall Street Journal's Tom Gara for resurfacing this.