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Here’s a list of former Afghan detainees who have returned to fight for the Taliban

Afghan detainees prepare for noon prayers inside the Parwan detention facility near Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. (AP)

The Afghan government's decision to release 65 suspected Taliban detainees from Bagram prison despite repeated protests from the U.S. has raised fears that some of them may return to fight for the insurgent group. In the past, the Pentagon has said that detainees released from Guantanamo have been found to be involved in attacks against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Here is a list of prisoners who were released, then found to have returned to fight for the Taliban.

Mullah Shazada, whose real name was Mohamed Yusif Yaqub, was repatriated to Afghanistan in 2003. He then went back to fight with the Taliban. In May 2004, he was killed while fighting U.S. forces in Southern Afghanistan.

Mohammed Nayim Farouq was repatriated to Afghanistan in July 2003. He then joined Taliban fight again and has been found to be involved in anti-coalition militant activities.

Shah Mohammed was repatriated to Pakistan in May 2003, and killed while fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Mohammed Ismail was repatriated to Afghanistan in January 2004. He has since been found to have participated in Taliban attacks against U.S. forces.

Zahir Shah, who was repatriated to Afghanistan in November 2007, has been found to have participated in terrorist training for the Taliban.

Abdullah Gulam Rasoul was repatriated to Afghanistan in December 2007. He is alleged to have returned to the fight for the Taliban as a military commander, and is thought to have organized an attack on U.S. military aircraft in Afghanistan.

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